ESN executes different projects on local, national and international level to achieve our goals of promoting mobility, cultural exchange and active citizenship. To learn more about how ESN Oulu is involved in the projects you can contact us at


SocialErasmus is an ESN international project which aims to involve young citizens into volunteering activities during their mobility experience to make a social change in the society. If you love to help others, take care of the environment and you believe that Erasmus is the time not only to party but to do something bigger. Check out this site for more information: SocialErasmus website.

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The main aims of this project are to help increase the number of students with disabilities going on exchange, to promote the existing opportunities for these students and also to make the Erasmus+ programme and ESN’s activities more accessible for students with disabilities. More information can be found on ExchangeAbility website.

Responsible Party

We all like to party… but the important thing is to party responsibly! The main aim of the project is to raise awareness about the negative effects of alcohol consumption and to contribute to the reduction of binge drinking by promoting responsible drinking among students. Learn more here: Responsible Party website.


Eduk8 is ESN's international training project based on non-formal education. It covers different topics related to the development of ESNers' soft-skills: how to facilitate group discussion, leadership, communication or conflict management; sharing know-how and learning from one another. It offers different types of events, organised every year: Eduk8 Starter, Eduk8 Forward, ESN Training and ESN Leadership Academy, you can read more about these trainings here: Eduk8 website.

Mov’in Europe

The main aim of this project is to promote mobility and to provide better information on exchange programmes and mobility opportunities for students and young people. Mobility is a lifestyle! Share your exchange experience with those who are not mobile yet and promote the project with us! You can learn more about the project on Mov'in Europe website.


The ESNcard is the membership card of ESN. It is a proof that you are a member of the biggest and the coolest student association in Europe! ESNcard holders can also enjoy discounts in (almost) every city where an ESN section is present. You can check out all the discounts on ESNcard website.


Every year, ESN launches an European-wide survey that explores the different issues and impact of mobility. This is one of the biggest and most successful research projects of ESN. More information can be found onESNSurvey website