The board is responsible for ESN Oulus daily operations and running matters. Board mandate is one calendar year. Members elect the board every year in Fall General Meeting, where they also accept the annual budget and action plan for the coming year. The boards job is then to execute that action plan and budget according to General Meeting decisions, ESN Oulu statute and Finnish Association Act. Board gets its mandate from the members and therefore board is accountable to members. Every year the board will provide action report and financial statement to members for the Spring General Meeting. After evaluating the reports, members may or may not release the previous board of any responsibility and liability. 

All registered members have the right to vote in a General Meeting. Only board members have the right to vote in a board meeting. For more info on association practices and board work, see the ESN Oulu statute

General questions, partnerships inquiries, cooperation proposals, invitations and overall feedback should be sent to info (at)