General questions, partnerships inquiries, cooperation proposals, invitations and overall feedback should be sent to info (at)


Mirjami Oja


president (at)

  • Representing
  • Coordinating the board

Jose Luis Puerto

Vice President

vp (at)

  • Keep the overview of the foundation of ESN Oulu in general
  • Supporting the President
  • Assigning tasks and coordinating the board in general

Daniel Uher


treasurer (at)

  • Doing invoicing & billing
  • Handling reimbursements
  • Preparing the financial annual report


Jacky Cao (temp)

IT manager

it (at)

  • Mailing lists
  • Google Drive
  • Website & email management

Jacky Cao

Local Representative

lr (at)

  • Correspondance with the ESN network
  • Attendance to Skype Meetings


Juuso Niemelä


secretary (at)

  • Preparation and minuting the Board meetings
  • Post and mail

Sulaik Iqbal

Project Coordinator

project-coordinator (at)

  • Mov’inEurope
  • SocialErasmus
  • ExchangeAbility

Dennis Goyal

Event Coordinator

event-coordinator (at)

  • Upkeeping ESN Oulu event calendar
  • Coordinating volunteers

Bashini Wanniarachchi

Social Media Coordinator

sm-coordinator (at)

  • Updating social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Responding to questions received through Facebook
  • Responding (if applicable) to Instagram comments
  • Creating facebook events

Janina Wörmann

Board Member

(firstname).(surname) (at)

  • Assisting the board 

Maeva Espana

Board Member

(firstname).(surname) (at)

  • Assisting the board