The participants SIT around a table. The proceedings are led by a master of ceremonies (=toastmaster) whose responsibility is to uphold traditions and order songs, based on suggestions from the participants. It includes a meal, several rounds of alcoholic drinks, loads of fun and an after party! 


  • Always be on time! Sitsit rules dictate a punishment for being late.
  • Dinner and some drinks are served but you can bring your own drinks too depending on how much you usually drink. There will also be an after party so be prepared!
  • You should have something to eat before you arrive to Sitsit so you won't be starving. The traditions of Sitsit are more focused on singing and drinking rather than eating.
  • Wear your costume when you arrive.
  • Follow the rules.


  • Toastmaster: The person who leads the Sitsit party and the songs. Respect the toastmaster and do what she or he says.
  • Snaps: The transparent alcoholic liquid in your glass/can/bottle. You drink snaps after each song and say: “Cheers” (=in Finnish “Kippis”).
  • Mellan Sup: Swedish word for “in between”. When you hear this during a song, you drink a sip. Without cheering. And then keep on singing.
  • Singing: An important part of a Sitsit party. You are welcome to suggest a song, but first ask a permission to speak from the toastmaster by raising your hand. Once you have permission get up and introduce yourself.
  • Breaks: Peeing, smoking and leaving the table are allowed only during the breaks which toastmaster announces.
  • Punishment: If you don’t follow the rules, or arrive late, you will be made to do something embarrassing, for example singing alone. So follow the rules! They are there to make the party enjoyable for everyone.

Sound complicated, but people actually like this and HAVE FUN in sitsit :D